For thirty years I have worked within the art, mirror and wall décor business as a buyer, product designer, and art consultant for projects that span corporate, hospitality, healthcare, residential and retail projects.  The experience gained and successes I have had are based simply on listening carefully to my clients’ needs, and partnering with them to achieve the final results. 

My business is based upon creative solutions, big ideas and the down and dirty reality of budgets and deadlines.  I take great pride and satisfaction in putting together all of those components to create uniquely designed spaces that have both quality and beauty.

I am not a cookie-cutter production line. No on-line catalog here.   I take that little extra time to make each project different and personal, whether it is by utilizing regionalized art for a medical clinic to help patients feel at home, incorporating a favorite vacation spot or passion for the owner of a residence, or reflecting the culture of a corporate or hospitality client. Art in public or private spaces reflects the personality of the client, or user, and it is my goal to discover and fulfill that need.

I am proud to say that I have worked with many of my clients in excess of twenty years, so I hope that says a lot about my dedication to my craft.

Deni Quinn